What We Do

TBLi workshops and seminars always include a networking activity meant to help participants meet new folks and form new friendships.

  • Seminars run 30 to 90 minutes; Workshops run 3 to 6 hours. 
  • Seminars include 5-50 people; Workshops are usually limited to 20 people. 

    Please follow links below to register; afterward, we’ll send you an email with specific location information.
Sustainable Communities Corps

Upcoming dates:

  • 2022 Northeast Florida (in-person: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach) 2/27, 3/26, 4/16, 4/23 Register here.
  • 2022 Missouri (in-person: St. Louis) 4/30, 5/14, 5/21 Register here.

Sustainable Communities Corps 2022: Fun-filled Saturday sessions open to all community members. Join us to make new friends, share knowledge, and learn solutions to address climate change. Workshops include updates on the latest best-practices, interactive demos, and immersive activities on topics like Water Quality, Food Systems, Energy Efficiency, Low Impact Homes/Buildings, and Local Ecosystems. Each workshop includes outdoor “hands-on” learning & information on local engagement opportunities. Participants who complete all workshops in 1 year are invited to join the Northeast Florida instructor team.

Civic Saturdays

“Right now, many Americans feel isolated, disheartened, and frustrated. We wonder how to help make a difference in our community. We lack gathering spaces to nurture our democracy. But we can create opportunities to unite through Civic Saturdays.”  citizenuniversity.us

TBLi hosts monthly Civic Saturdays,  where community members come together to reflect on the values and practices of being contributing members of civic life and our democracy. Join us to make new friends, explore ideas, and enjoy reading, music, and foods that celebrate our United States of America heritage.  Day/time: First Saturday of Each Month, 4pm-6pm Register

Civic Leadership Intensive 

This workshop  provides an opportunity to reflect upon theories of community organizing and common good through a direct civic engagement opportunity with a local, national, and/or international organization. Limited to 12 people; cohorts begin in January, May, and August. Qualifies for service-learning credit at participating colleges and universities.

Tech Tuesdays

Digital Mindset Workshop: In collaboration with The Computer Shoppe, this workshop explores what it means to thrive in today’s technology and information saturated world. Specific topics include social media consumption, fact-checking, digital agility, and technology innovation. Participants gain knowledge about the competencies needed to enhance employability, maintain balance, and manage the accelerating pace of information. Day/time: First Tuesday of Each Month, 6pm, March – October. Register

Field Technician Apprenticeship

TBLi’s Field Technician program offers a blend of in-house training and hands-on experience to help you enter the technology support industry. As an apprentice you’ll be paired with an experienced technician to shadow for a three month period while obtaining your A+, N+, S+ certification. During that time you’ll receive 3 full days of  in-person training (first Tuesday of each month) and a customized program of online training to meet your needs, suit your schedule, and build your knowledge base. After 4-6 weeks, you’ll be ready to work independently. Limited to 12 people; cohorts begin in January, May, and August each year. Daytona State College Students: Depending upon your degree program, may qualify for Information Technology Cooperative Education credits. Daytona State College Students: Depending upon your degree program, may qualify for information technology Cooperative Education credits.